Billing & Payment FAQs

Helpful information about payments and billing at Always Keep Progressing Miami

What is the process for billing sessions?

On the day of the evaluation or first session, if you have commercial insurance or private pay as a method of payment, we will ask for a credit card to save on file. Our system is secure and private, and will not be shared or used for any purposes other than billing. Always Keep Progressing will then charge any copay, deductible, or additional balance due, once the insurance has completed processing the claim and determined the patient’s responsibility.

Private Pay:

Your card on file will be charged with their outstanding balance within a week from the date of service. 

Commercial Insurances:

Any coinsurance or deductible cost-sharing amounts that remain after the insurance completes processing the sessions, will be charged to the card on file within five business days of the completion of claims processing. Please note it can take insurances several weeks to months to process some of these claims, depending on the plan. Always Keep Progressing does not have control over this time frame.

Can I access the therapy without having a card on file?

Always Keep Progressing requires a card to be on file if you are a commercial insurance, private pay, or scholarship client. We have found that the quickest and most efficient way to keep your therapy going smoothly and unencumbered by billing matters is to keep and bill a card saved securely on file. Our software, CentralReach, uses the most up-to-date and strictest standards for encryption, security and confidentiality.

How can I obtain specific information about my copay, deductible or coinsurance amounts?

If your child has not received an evaluation or therapy sessions, we will not be able to provide specific costs to you. It is recommended to reach out to your insurance directly using the number listed on the back or your insurance card, for better assistance with the exact information about your policy.

Why cannot Always Keep Progressing provide me information about my copay, coinsurance or deductible ?

As a company that provides specialty therapy services, we have limited resources and access to accurate insurance verifications. Despite being in-network with certain insurances, we cannot guarantee which commercial health plans will be considered in-network or exact patient responsibility amounts until we receive the first Explanation of Benefits responses, due to how varied commercial health plans can be.

Insurance companies define benefits in countless ways – location, employer contracts, and many other factors. Because we do not have visibility into this process and want to assure that we can provide the most accurate information to our customers, we cannot advise or confirm an insurance plan’s eligibility concerning pediatric therapy until we bill the first sessions.

Due to the volume of sessions we conduct on a weekly basis, we recommend logging into your patient portal in order to access specific invoices, as we are not able to notify each customer individually.

How do I access my invoices?

When you started the process with us, a profile was generated with the email address you provided in the client portal. You should have received a verification email from “CentralReach” to set up your password. Everytime a payment is processed to your card on file, you will have access to all the corresponding invoices.

To view an invoice via the Client Portal:

  1. Log into the Client Portal at
  2. Click the Billing menu.
  3. Click Invoices on top of the Billing screen.
  4. To view an invoice, click the download icon next to the “Paid in Full” column.

The portal can be accessed on any device (phone, tablet, iPad, computer).

What would happen if I don’t pay the balance on time?

A notification of an outstanding invoice will appear when checking in for an appointment. The notification will request for you to see the front desk in order to provide a new credit card information or approve the payment of the outstanding balance. Once this has been completed and our front desk staff is able to override the system, you will be able to check in and your therapist will come to pick up your child.

In the case that we do not receive a response or payment, your services will be placed on hold until the balance is paid. This may result in your recurring appointment spot to be booked by another customer. Our scheduling team can hold your session spot(s) for two weeks before allowing other clients to be booked.

Am I getting double-billed by mistake?

If your card is being charged twice on the same day or a day or two apart, it is likely because of one of these reasons:

  1. One charge is for a session that just happened, and the other charge is for a balance due for previous sessions
  2. A same day cancellation fee or late pick up fee is being charged in addition to patient responsibility

This might look like a double-charge, but it is not. Please refer to your Client Portal to see which payments apply to which visits / fees, and please check your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company before contacting us.

What is your policy for when insurance is denying coverage, or a client isn’t paying his/her balance?

In cases when your credit card or insurance has repeatedly declined payment for services, and our efforts to speak with you to obtain your patient responsibility, update your card on file, or update your insurance coverage have been unsuccessful, Always Keep Progressing reserves the right to pause treatment services.

If you have had 5 unpaid visits or your balance has reached $250 or more (whichever comes first) and you have not responded to our office’s calls/texts/emails, your therapist will be notified and your child’s treatment will be temporarily on pause following the next scheduled session. After that final session, the client will need to clear any outstanding balance with our Billing Department or Front Desk in order for treatment to continue.

If no efforts are made to clear your patient responsibility after our calls, texts, emails, and/or final notice warning letters, your services will be suspended and outstanding amounts will be sent to collections. This may result in difficulties obtaining services through your insurance in the future, or affect your credit score.