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Always Keep Progressing offers a range of evaluations and assessments for children’s therapy in the Miami area.

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Always Keep Progressing accept a wide range of insurance plans for treatements and therapy.

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Always Keep Progressing offers comprehensive and compassionate evaluations and assessments for different therapy services available at our clinic in Miami. 

On this page, you will find information that outlines the general process for assessments and registration for therapy services. For information about specific evaluation processes, you can find detailed guides for each therapy type we offer. 

Step 1: Phone Consultation

We offer free consultations over the phone. This is not the same as an evaluation, but allows our team to be able to gather the necessary information to provide our therapists.

During this introductory meeting with a member of our onboarding team, you’ll be able to ask questions and determine if therapy is right for your child. We look forward to answering your questions and, based on a short questionnaire, we can determine if further evaluation and therapy services are recommended.

If services are recommended, you will be requested to complete our new patient forms over the phone with our staff.

If you would like to skip this phone consultation, you may also fill out our intake form at your convenience, here.

Step 2: Submit Required Documents

A doctor’s prescription/referral for evaluation and therapy are required if you are using your insurance benefits. Additionally, we will require a copy of your insurance card.

If you are using private pay, this step will not be necessary. Once we have your documents and complete the initial onboarding, a member of our scheduling team will contact you to schedule your evaluation.

This typically takes 5-7 days but can be 7-10 business days during busier periods.

Step 3: Evaluation

During an evaluation, one of our trained and licensed therapists will select and complete appropriate assessments to identify specific areas of need, based on the initial consultation and detailed case history.

The amount of time required for an evaluation takes at least 60 minutes, so we require that you arrive on time.

After the formal assessments, we will create a report, and provide additional recommendations if the need for therapy is indicated. If you have had any recent assessments completed elsewhere, please bring a copy of those with you so that our evaluator can review them.

Step 4: Personalized Treatment Plan

After discussing assessment results, our therapists will determine an individual plan with specific goals. We may also work with your or your child’s doctors and other therapy providers to establish the initial plan of care.
This plan of care includes recommendations for the type, duration and frequency of therapy, based on what is diagnosed. We’ll collaborate to create a schedule for treatment that best meets everyone’s needs.

Step 5: Insurance Authorization

Once the evaluation report and treatment plan (plan of care) is completed, our team will send this out to your pediatrician for approval and signature. We will also submit these documents to your insurance to obtain authorization.

This authorization is required in order for us to administer treatment services and for you to be covered under your insurance for these services. This can take anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days, depending on which insurance you have.

If you are paying private pay, you will skip over this step.

Step 6: Therapy appointments

Once your authorization gets approved, a member of our scheduling team will reach out to schedule your sessions. These sessions will be set, recurring sessions that repeat weekly. Therapy appointments are typically scheduled in 30-minute sessions or 60-minute sessions, 1-3 times per week. Each session includes one-on-one therapy in a private room setting. We also provide opportunities for small group activities from time to time (circle time activities).

During the session, we also provide education and techniques as well as guidance and training so that parents and caregivers can provide additional support outside of the therapy setting.

If your availability does not match the current availability we have, you will be placed on a waiting list, and will be called to schedule as soon as we have openings.