Music Therapy Evaluation in Miami

Music therapy interventions can address a variety of healthcare and educational goals.

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The Purpose of a Music Therapy Evaluation

The purpose of Music Therapy evaluations is to give the therapist an opportunity to observe the child’s strengths, weaknesses, and receptiveness to music. A key component the music therapist will be looking for during the evaluation is if music is a significant motivator for the child.

During music therapy, music will be used as a reinforcement, teaching, and motivational tool in order to develop the non-musical skills the child has difficulty with. For music therapy to be effective, the child must display one or more of the points stated below:

  • Show an interest in music, musical instruments, and or dance
  • Respond physically, emotionally, socially, and or vocally to music
  • Be motivated by music to participate in non preferable activities

What to Expect During a Music Therapy Evaluation

A Music Therapy evaluation will consist of a Conversation with the caregiver to notate any background in medical history. The therapist will ask for the caregiver to share any of their concerns, as well as answer some questions regarding the child’s interest and skills.

During the evaluation, the client will participate in multiple Music Therapy interventions that will allow the therapist to observe The client’s base level of skills. Activities may include: Music making, instrument exploration, music and movement, music for educational development, a sensory music experience, and for older clients song song writing.

After completing the evaluation the therapist will complete a written report which will be available to caregivers within one to two weeks of the complete evaluation. The therapist will also create a personalized set of goals and objectives to target different skills for further development.

Why Always Keep Progressing for Music Therapy in Miami ?

AKP offers 2 Music Therapy programs: individual music therapy sessions and group therapy with parent involvement.

Individual music therapy sessions can be offered for 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the findings after the evaluation.

Group therapy is offered on a biweekly basis and allows caregivers to be directly involved with the development and progress of their child. This also offers your child the opportunity to develop their social skills and make connections with others in their age range.

Our staff includes Board – certified music therapists who specialize in supporting and treating children with ASD, neurological disorders, developmental disorders, developmental speech delays and more.

Music Therapy services can be paid for privately and are completely covered by CMS insurance.