Board Certified Music Therapist
Hi! I’m Anna, a dedicated and board-certified music therapist deeply passionate about harnessing the transformative power of music to enrich the lives of children with special needs. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Music Therapy from the University of Miami, I specialized in classical voice while also delving into psychology to broaden my understanding of human behavior and therapeutic approaches. Choosing to remain in Miami for my internship, I embraced the opportunity to avoid the harsh Massachusetts winters, but more importantly, to immerse myself in a vibrant, diverse community where I could make a meaningful impact. My journey has allowed me to witness the profound effects of music therapy on enhancing cognitive, communication, and social skills in children with developmental disabilities. These experiences have not only fueled my growth as a therapist but also deepened my commitment to this fulfilling path. At AKP, I am thrilled to share the joy and healing power of music with our clients and their families.