Consonant Acquisition

by Savanna Roldan – Speech Language Pathologist at Always Keep Progressing

When should you be concerned about articulation errors? Is your child saying wabbit for rabbit? Here are mean developmental norms for acquiring different consonant sounds: 

2-3 years- p, b, d, m ,n, h, w 

3-4 years- t, k, g, ng, f, y 

4-5 years- v, s, z, sh, ch, j, l 

5-6 years- th voice, zh, r 

6-7 years- th voiceless 

If your child is making errors with these sounds before the acquisition age do not worry! There is still time for your child to work out their errors and eventually accurately produce the sound. If your child is making errors with these sounds after the age of acquisition look into seeing a Speech Language Pathologist.


Speech and Language Therapy in Miami

At Always Keep Progressing Miami, our trained bilingual speech therapists provide services specifically tailored to each individual child to help grow their independence and fine-tune their speaking skills. If you are concerned with your child’s speech development, an SLP can help answer any of your questions! 

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Crowe, K., & McLeod, S. (2020). Children’s English Consonant Acquisition in the United States: A Review. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 29(4), 2155–2169.

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